Cozy Fest 2.0: Print and Pyjamas

Cozy Fest is back for a second season! All Lit Up’s popular all-virtual, on-demand literary festival brings 19 authors to your screens for a warm, and fuzzy way to close out the year. Read more about our comfiest book fest, below.


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What is Cozy Fest?

Our on-demand style literary festival is especially made for those who need a little pick-me-up after a busy year and for those who’ve always wanted to attend a book fest in their pyjamas. Our readers—19 authors across Canada—come to us from their homes, bundled in their comfiest pjs and warm knits to read passages from their books; passages that spark hope, comfort, kindness, and resilience. We have something for everyone with a wide variety of featured books, from novels, short story collections, plays, poetry collections, and YA.

We encourage you to get right into the spirit with your own cozy attire and hot beverages of your choice and follow as we bring you near-daily readings. The best part is you can take in the readings at your own pace — watch them from anywhere, at anytime.

How can I participate?

In addition to catching the Cozy Fest readings, you can chat about Cozy Fest on social media with the hashtag #ALUcozyfest, and shop the featured books below.

Who is reading?

Here’s a day-by-day schedule of our featured authors and their books:

December 5: Ali Bryan + Coq (Freehand Books) | feature & Marion Agnew + Making Up the Gods (Latitude 46 Publishing) | feature

December 6: Chris Kuriata + Sacrifice of the Sisters Lot (Palimpsest Press) | feature & Mitchell Toews + Pinching Zwieback (At Bay Press) | feature

December 7: Nancy Hundal + Stazy and the Magic List (Rebel Mountain Press) l feature & Bill Waiser + Gordie’s Skate (Thistledown Press) l feature

December 8: Keiko Honda + Accidental Blooms (Caitlin Press) | feature & Tarah Schwartz + Can’t Help Falling (Linda Leith Publishing) l feature

December 11: Emily Osborne + Safety Razor (Gordon Hill Press) l feature & Hana Shafi + People You Know, Places You’ve Been (Book*hug Press) | feature

December 12: H&A Christensen + Stealing John Hancock (Turnstone Press) l feature + Raye Anderson + Sing a Song of Summer (Signature Editions) | feature

December 13: Sheila O’Neill + Suliewey (Breakwater Books) l feature & Markus Harwood-Jones + The Haunting of Adrian Yates (Metonymy Press) l feature

December 14: Gary Barwin + Imagining Imagining (Wolsak & Wynn) l feature & Rona Maynard + Starter Dog (ECW Press) l feature

December 15: Mary-Colin Chisholm + Half-Cracked (Playwrights Canada Press) l feature & Kristen Da Silva + Where You Are (J. Gordon Shillingford) l feature

Stay tuned all month for Cozy Fest 2.0!