Cozy Fest: Markus Harwood-Jones + The Haunting of Adrian Yates

There are several types of warm and fuzzy readings at Cozy Fest: you bet a paranormal queer romance is one of them. Author of The Haunting of Adrian Yates (Metonymy Press) shares a cozy reading from his book in which its titular character spends time at a local graveyard providing comfort and friendship to the loneliest ghosts.


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Markus Harwood-Jones reads from The Haunting of Adrian Yates

(Metonymy Press)

About our reader

Markus Harwood-Jones (he/they) is a proudly queer and trans space-case who has been writing since hecan remember. Markus specializes in writing young-adult fiction and has a soft spot for sappy lovestories. He lives in downtown Toronto with his husband,their platonic co-parent, and their extra-cutekiddo. Markus is an aspiring TikTokker and can be found on social media under the handle@MarkusBones.

Photo credit Katia Taylor

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Thanks to Markus for reading from his new book for All Lit Up’s second-annual Cozy Fest! You can learn more about The Haunting of Adrian Yates, and order from ALU or your fave local bookstore (via the Shop Local button), right here.

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