Cozy Fest: Raye Anderson + Sing a Song of Summer

Sometimes Cozy Fest readings mean doubling down on snowy or snuggly scenery, but we appreciate Raye Anderson’s approach: denial. She reads us a passage set at a summer barbeque from the most recent installment of her Roxanne Calloway series, Sing a Song of Summer (Signature Editions).

Now Reading on Cozy Fest: Raye Anderson and Sing a Song of Summer.


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Raye Anderson reads from Sing a Song of Summer
(Signature Editions)

About our reader

A photo of writer Raye Anderson. She is a light-skinned woman with chin-length grey/white hair, and she wears a dark sweater.

Raye Anderson is a Scots Canadian who spent many years running theatre schools and presenting creative arts programmes for arts organizations, notably at the Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg. She now calls Manitoba’s Interlake home, where she is part of a thriving arts community. She has published four books in the Roxanne Calloway Mystery series: And We Shall Have Snow (shortlisted for the 2021 CWC Best Crime First Novel and the 2021 WILLA Literary Award for Original Softcover Fiction), And Then Is Heard No More, Down Came the Rain, and Sing a Song of Summer. Her work has taken her across Canada, from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast, and as far north as Churchill and Yellowknife, as well as to the West Indies and her native Scotland.

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Thanks to Raye for reading from her book for All Lit Up’s second-annual Cozy Fest! You can learn more about Sing a Song of Summer, and order from ALU or your fave local bookstore (via the Shop Local button), right here.

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