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Quoted - The Taste of Hunger

Award-winning writer Barbara Joan Scott walks us through the two quotations that open and close her debut novel  The Taste of Hunger (Freehand Books); a fictional saga of a Ukrainian immigrant family, bookended by words from Dennis Lee and Sappho (by the way of Anne Cars ...

Black Writers' Series: Focus on Fiction

Black History Month is an opportunity for us to reflect on the incredible Black writers we have across the country, writing for all kinds of literary genres. We kick off the month and our Black Writers' Series with a look at four fantastic fiction writers, with a feature tit ...

Featured ALU Titles at OLA

This year, with the return of in-person events All Lit Up will be at the OLA Superconference with the LPG in booth #414. All featured titles will be 20% off online and at the event until February 4th. Make sure to check out this amazing selection of books.

2023 ALU Spring Preview

What are some of the books ALU staff can't wait to get their hands on this 2023 Spring season? Discover (and preorder!) some of our faves in this sneak preview.

Queer Coded: Canadian Must-Reads

Join us in celebrating All Lit Up’s first ever segment of Queer Coded. To kick off Queer Coded we’re starting off with a list of Canadian must-reads. Read more below.

Read This, Then That: Survivor Memoirs

Content warning: This post mentions instances of sexual assault. If you need help, visit Ending Violence for a list of resources.


Both Karyn L. Freedman's  One Night in Paris (Freehand Books) and Karin Martel's  Shop Class Hall Pass (Signature Editions) are me ...

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