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Short and Sweet: Katie Bickell + Always Brave, Sometimes Kind

Called "a loving portrait of the people you think you know, but don't really" by Omar Mouallem, Katie Bickell's  Always Brave, Sometimes Kind (Brindle & Glass) is a collection of linked short stories following a network of people throughout Alberta. We chat with Katie on ...

Short and Sweet: Helen Chau Bradley + Personal Attention Roleplay

Helen Chau Bradley's collection  Personal Attention Roleplay (Metonymy Press) was recently named a finalist for the 2021 Danuta Gleed Literary Award for short stories. Read on to see why Helen says "writing a short story often feels like solving a puzzle" and catch an ...

Short and Sweet: Sofi Papamarko + Radium Girl

Writer Sofi Papamarko says the "immediacy and instant gratification of short stories" is what draws her to the form. We learn more about her collection  Radium Girl (Wolsak & Wynn) and read some of the title story for Short and Sweet.

"Bringing love to the children of war" - Excerpts from Why Do You Look at Me and See a Girl?

With Mother's Day this weekend, we look beyond the flowers and platitudes to a celebration of fierce motherhood, embodied in the grandmother of writer Anvi Hoàng and recounted in her book, Why Do You Look at Me and See a Girl? (Guernica Editions). Hoàng's grandmother ...

Short and Sweet: Aaron Schneider + What We Think We Know

Short story writer and lit mag editor Aaron Schneider shares his collection  What We Think We Know (Gordon Hill Press), its play with the medium in the form of diagrammatic stories, stories in the form of questions, stories that break apart and metastasize. Including the ...

Short and Sweet: Chih-Ying Lay + Home Sickness

Taipei-born author Chih-Ying Lay's collection  Home Sickness (published by Linda Leith Publishing and translated by Darryl Sterk) hearkens back to his youth. Says Jade Colbert in the Globe & Mail of the collection: "Psychologically, this is as high stakes as you can get ...

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