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Quoted: Peggy Herring's Anna, Like Thunder

In Anna, Like Thunder (Brindle & Glass Publishing), Peggy Herring blends history and fiction to offer a fresh retelling story of St. Nikolai, the Russian ship that ran aground off the Olympic Peninsula into Indigenous territory in 1808. At its centre is the fascinating s ...

Asian Heritage Month: The Many Generations of Lytton’s General Store

This Asian Heritage Month we travel to the village of Lytton, BC  featured in Lily Chow's Blossoms in the Gold Mountains (Caitlin Press) with a snapshot of the Chongs, a Chinese-Canadian family that created and managed the integral Lytton General Store for generations.

Cover Collage: Crowning Achievements

It's Victoria Day, and we're celebrating with these crown-clad covers (especially since some of them subvert those rah-rah Jubilee years).

In Review: The Week of May 14th

This week we learned the word "crossip," rolled some short story dice, imagined what superheroes would read, and more.

First Fiction Friday: The Vetala

In Phillip Ernest's Sanskrit vampire novel The Vetala (Linda Leith Publishing), myth and reality square off when a Sanskrit scholar finds herself face-to-face with the undead depicted in the obscure text she's translating.

Short Story Month: Crow Jazz by Linda Rogers

We sit down with the effortlessly hilarious and impressively prolific Linda Rogers, whose latest,  Crow Jazz (Mother Tongue Publishing), is her 29th book but first short story collection. We talk about short stories as letters, never abandoning your work (even if it just ...

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