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Philippine Mythology and Through the Bamboo

Filipinx-Canadian playwrights Andrea Mapili and Byron Abalos introduce a scene from their children's play  Through the Bamboo (Playwrights Canada Press): a fantastical mashup of Filipinx mythology and epic adventure stories like The Wizard of Oz. In the scene below, 12 ...

23+ Reading Suggestions for National Indigenous Peoples Day 2022

June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada, and we're marking the holiday by taking a look at the depth and breadth of Indigenous lit on offer. Whether its poetry exploring identity or form, Elder wisdom, Indigenous dystopias (or utopias), kids' books, or humour; b ...

Filipino Heritage Month: Author Spotlight

In celebration of Filipino Heritage Month, we're shining a spotlight on some stellar Filipino authors and playwrights.  

Six Dad Archetypes from Cian Cruise’s Dad Bod

With Father's Day on the horizon, we asked writer, father, and dad-spert author of  Dad Bod: Portraits of Pop Culture Papas (Dundurn Press) Cian Cruise to tell us about six key dad-types. Does your pop fit in to one of these categories? Read on to find out.

On Pride and Queer Time

Poet and co-owner of Edmonton's Glass Bookshop Jason Purcell revisits Pride month in the context of both past and future-building for queer folks, and how queer hope came out of their experiences writing and editing their collection  Swollening (Arsenal Pulp Press).


Pho ...

Test Kitchen: Scrambled Eggs with Spring Onions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that's why we're bringing you today a unique egg recipe from the author of Valley of the Rats (Cormorant Books) – Mahtab Narsimhan.  Are you ready to eat scrambled eggs that go great with fried mushrooms, a slice ...

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