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From the blog

Women Asking Women: Eden Boudreau and Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay

For our final Women Asking Women interview, Eden Boudreau discusses her debut memoir Crying Wolf with Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay, discussing her novel-in-translation Dandelion Daughter. Together they discuss writing sexual assault, the receptions of their stories ...

Where in Canada: Sourcebooks for Our Drawings

Danny Jacobs takes us through a singular and idiosyncratic portrait of New Brunswick through the commercial sprawl of contemporary Atlantic Canada. In this excerpt from Sourcebooks for Our Drawings (Gordon Hill Press) we get a closer look at the realities of the village ...

Poetry in Motion: Tilling the Darkness

On the blog today we have Susan Braley reading her poem "The Egtved Girl" from  Tilling the Darkness (Caitlin Press). Braley’s poems trace a woman in a rural setting who comes to appreciate the complex, bountiful legacy of her early life—exploring grief and renewal ...

Women Asking Women: Corinna Chong and Taslim Burkowicz

These two British Columbia based authors, Corinna Chong ( The Whole Animal, Arsenal Pulp Press) and Taslim Burkowicz ( Ruby Red Skies, Roseway Publishing) interview one another about their novels that grapple with alienation and self-discovery. Both stories have prota ...

Top 10: Books to Celebrate Nowruz

Happy Nowruz! In honour of the Persian New Year tomorrow, here’s a list of published and forthcoming books - fiction, memoir, drama, and poetry - all by Iranian authors for you to add to your TBR.

Top 10: Irish Reads for St. Patrick's Day

If you're more the type to spend St. Patrick's Day reading in bed than in a bar, this reading list of books set in Ireland, or with Irish characters, might be what you need to celebrate in spirit.

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