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Announcing the Launch of the eBooks for Everyone Collection

Today is the official launch day of an exciting new initiative: the eBooks for Everyone collection. Over 600 (!) Canadian-published ebooks have been converted to accessible formats for print-disabled readers. Below, we tell you more about why we're so amped.

Off/Kilter: Interview with Poet Neal Shannacappo

Writers featured on Off/Kilter have many talents, but we're especially lucky to show off a few at once of the multi-talented illustrator, graphic novelist, and poet Neal Shannacappo. In our interview, Neal walks us through heartbreak, healing, and fantasy elements that inspi ...

Lit Locale: Field Notes on Listening

Luellen Lake, a remote yet accessible lake in Banff National Park, is a grand setting to enjoy Kit Dobson’s Field Notes on Listening (Wolsak & Wynn). This book of poetic, personal non-fiction essays is concerned with what it means to listen to environments in an extend ...

ALU Summer Book Club: Interview with André Forget

Twenty-four staggeringly talented authors contributed to our August #ALUbookclub pick, After Realism (Véhicule Press). We talk with anthology editor André Forget about making a cohesive collection out of two-dozen unique voices, and why a good revisiting of realist wr ...

First Fiction Friday: Egg Island

In this week’s edition of First Fiction Friday, editor Russell Smith from Dundurn Press shares why less really is more in Sara Flemington’s new novel Egg Island , via her unique and clever minimalist approach. 

The W.I.T.C.H. List

In a piece called "Why are we all so into witches right now?", LitHub writer Molly Odintz states that witches "represent the spirit of female rebellion, or at the very least unapologetic female weirdness." A Woman In Total Control of Herself, or W.I.T.C.H., by extension ...

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