Sacrifice of the Sisters Lot

By (author): Chris Kuriata

In 1988, 12-year-old Emery is looking forward to spending the summer cooling off in the sprinkler, escaping the boredom of church, and begging her parents for a kitten. Instead, she discovers a powerful entity lurking within the walls of the family’s home. The eerie vibrations in the wall grant Emery and her three sisters whatever they desire; from fresh lipstick and new boyfriends, to revenge against a local predator. All the while, her parents impose an increasingly bizarre set of rules and rituals intended to keep the sisters safe. After the disappearance of their parents, the sisters’s uncle, a disgraced TV faith healer, and domineering grandmother move in, forcing the girls to create “real miracles,” unaware of the apocalyptic threat posed to the entire town. An exploration of the powerful bonds of sisterhood, The Sacrifice of the Sisters Lot is a riveting tale of love, betrayal and sacrifice.


Chris Kuriata

Chris Kuriata lives in and writes about the Niagara Region. He’s published horror and dark fantasy stories in magazines in Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and Japan. Before turning his attention to fiction, he wrote and edited documentary series about true crime, tent revivals, and hockey.


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250 Pages
8.25in * 5.25in * 2.00in


October 16, 2023


Palimpsest Press



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FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

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