About All Lit Up and the Literary Press Group

What is All Lit Up?

All Lit Up is a discoverability engine and online book retail space for readers of emerging, quirky, and unabashedly Canadian literature. Forty publishers from across Canada, all members of the Literary Press Group, feature titles on All Lit Up.

Readers can find and purchase the best books this country’s independent publishers have to offer, as well as browse through our exclusive behind-the-scenes content about the books, authors, and publishers whose work is available on our site.

What is the Literary Press Group of Canada?

The Literary Press Group, which manages All Lit Up, is a not-for-profit membership association of 66 independently-owned and -operated Canadian literary publishers. Since 1975, the LPG has supported the growth of Canadian literary culture by helping its member publishers sell, distribute, and market their books to booksellers, libraries, institutions, and through events and All Lit Up, directly to readers.

The Literary Press Group of Canada greatly appreciates the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

I’m a publisher, not with the LPG…

How do I get my books on All Lit Up?

The books featured on All Lit Up are published by members of the Literary Press Group. If you are interested in joining the Literary Press Group, please visit the LPG website to view our membership criteria.

How can I advertise on All Lit Up?

You don’t need to be a member to advertise on All Lit Up, though we do have certain advertising guidelines. The gist is that the ad should be for something Canadian and/or literary (preferably ‘and’!).

Interested in advertising? Contact Lauren, our Engagement Manager, at lauren@lpg.ca.

I’m a writer…

I wrote a book that I think would be perfect for this website. Where do I submit it?

At this time, the LPG only accepts books into All Lit Up that were published by one of its member publishers. Moreover, we only deal with publishers directly for the time being.

I am published by an LPG publisher, why isn’t my book on your site?

The books featured on our site are at the discretion of the publishers: if you would like your book represented, please contact your publisher to have it included.

My book is on your site, but my cover/bio/description is all wrong!

All Lit Up’s listings are populated with publisher data. If you see a problem, please contact your publisher – they will have to submit a new data file to us.

I wrote a review about one of the books on All Lit Up – would you like to see it?

Yes! We’re always looking for ways to draw attention to the books on this site – please send reviews about LPG books to us at hello@alllitup.ca.

I’m a reader (and a customer!)…

Do you accept bitcoins/dubloons/salt or spices as payment?

No; all All Lit Up transactions go through Stripe, which you don’t need an account to use (just a regular old VISA or Mastercard, or VISA Debit will do).

I ordered some print books, when will they arrive?

It depends – our publishers are located across Canada with different distribution centres. You may receive books at different times, in different shipments, by different carriers.

We strive to have a turnaround shipping time of one week for orders within Canada.

I purchased an ebook, and it’s not working.

If you can’t access your ebook…

Customers are solely responsible for confirming that their devices are compatible with the ebooks they purchase. That said, if you did not receive your ebook, or it arrived corrupted or otherwise inaccessible, please contact us to rectify the issue.

If you can access your ebook, but it’s scrambled or otherwise displaying incorrectly…

Please send your ereader information, the ebook title, and the details of the problem (i.e. sections where it occurs) to hello@alllitup.ca – we’ll try to rectify the issue as soon as possible.

Do you use Digital Rights Management (DRM) in the ebooks that are for sale?

For accessibility purposes, we no longer sell DRM ebooks on All Lit Up.

Can I return the book I purchased?

Yes. If your book or ebook is delivered damaged, corrupt or is not delivered, please contact hello@alllitup.ca to arrange for replacement or refund.

However, customers are solely responsible for confirming that their devices are compatible with the ebooks they purchase. Refunds will not be issued due to compatibility issues.

I want to use a book I found in All Lit Up in my book club/classroom/library. Is there special pricing available?

For wholesale inquiries, please contact hello@alllitup.ca.