Cozy Fest: Mitchell Toews + Pinching Zwieback

Mitchell Toews joins us from Victoria, BC for Cozy Fest to read a passage from the story “The Raspberry Code” in his new collection Pinching Zwieback (At Bay Press). In this excerpt, two young friends are in a situation familiar to some—a fight with a friend and the sweet resolution that follows.


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Mitchell Toews reads from Pinching Zwieback (At Bay Press)

About our reader

Mitchell Toews has placed stories in 113 literary journals, anthologies and contests since 2016. A three-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Mitch was a finalist in the following major contests: The 2021 Writers’ Union of Canada’s Short ProseCompetition for Emerging Writers, the 2022 Humber Literary Review Canada-wideCreative Nonfiction contest, the 2022 J.F. Powers Prize for Short Fiction (U.S.), and the 2023 Dave Williamson National Short Story Competition. The author is currently working on his debut novel and curating a second collection of stories.Mitch and his wife Janice live in their 1950 cabin in the Whiteshell Park and may be found on the water, on the trails, or loose, in the wild air. More conveniently, catch him at the computer on or Facebook.

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Thanks to Mitchell for his reading in our second-annual Cozy Fest! You can learn more about Pinching Zwieback, and order from All Lit Up or your fave local bookstore (via the Shop Local button), right here.

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