Cozy Fest: Chris Kuriata + Sacrifice of the Sisters Lot

Horror writer Chris Kuriata reads from his new novel Sacrifice of the Sisters Lot (Palimpsest Press) for Cozy Fest. Joined by his cat who provides background vocals, Chris reads a passage about a new furry family member.


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Chris Kuriata reads from
Sacrifice of the Sisters Lot  (Palimpsest Press)

About our reader

Chris Kuriata lives in and writes about the Niagara Region. He’s published horror and dark fantasy stories in magazines in Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, NewZealand, South Africa, and Japan. Before turning his attention to fiction, he wrote and edited documentary series about true crime, tent revivals, and hockey.

* * *

Thanks to Chris for his reading in our second-annual Cozy Fest! You can learn more about Sacrifice of the Sisters Lot, and order from All Lit Up or your fave local bookstore (via the Shop Local button), right here.

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