Poetry Grrrowl: Rad Women of Poetry

This National Poetry Month we’re shouting it out to all the rad women of poetry who write in all kinds of spaces and styles and explore all kinds of themes. Poetry Grrrowl is a raised fist and high-five to those women who make us better readers and thinkers. Join us here on the blog throughout the month for our feature poets, including interviews and excerpts from each, and get 15% OFF any of our Poetry Grrrowl collections all April long. Scroll down for the full line-up of poets and follow along with us all month! 


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BONUS: Test your knowledge of all the rad women of poetry with our Poetry Grrrowl quiz! WEEK 1 – Debut Women of PoetryApril 2: Shazia Hafiz Ramji and Port of Being (Invisible Publishing) l FeatureApril 3: Michelle Sylliboy and Kiskajeyi- I AM READY (Rebel Mountain Press) l FeatureApril 4: Allison Chisholm and On the Count of None (Anvil Press) l FeatureApril 5: Jules Arita Koostachin and Unearthing of Secrets: Gathering of Truths (Kegedonce Press) l FeatureWEEK 2 – Women of Feminist Politics and PoetryApril 9: Kerry Gilbert and Little Red (Mother Tongue Publishing) l FeatureApril 10: Ruth Daniell and The Brightest Thing (Caitlin Press) l FeatureApril 11: Adrienne Gruber and Q & A (Book*hug Press) l FeatureApril 12: Trish Salah and Lyric Sexology Vol. 1 (Metonymy Press) l FeatureWEEK 3 – Women of Experimental PoetryApril 16: Suzanne Zelazo and Lances All Alike (Coach House Books) l FeatureApril 17: Claire Kelly and One Thing — Then Another (ECW Press) l FeatureApril 18: Amanda Jernigan and Years, Month, and Days (Biblioasis) l FeatureApril 19: Shirley Camia and Children Shouldn’t Use Knives and Other Tales (At Bay Press) l FeatureWEEK 4 – Women of EcopoetryApril 23: Brenda Leifso and Wild Madder (Brick Books) l FeatureApril 24: Katie Vautour and An Unorthodox Guide to Wildlife (Breakwater Books) l FeatureApril 25: Linda Frank and Divided (Wolsak and Wynn) l FeatureApril 26: Kayla Geitzler and That Light Feeling Under Your Feet (NeWest Press) l Feature* * *During the month of April, buy any of our featured Poetry Grrrowl books for 15% OFF and get a stack of Poetry Grrrowl temporary tattoos and stickers.
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