Flak Jacket

By (author): Gerald Arthur Moore

A drive to drug rehab, at least two murders, one escaped prisoner, a complex father/son relationship, and several highly unusual classroom experiences form the backbone of Flak Jacket, Gerald Arthur Moore’s latest collection of his signature explosive poetry. Step inside to become entranced, but be prepared to be blown away, because we’re going for a ride.


Gerald Arthur Moore

Gerald Arthur (Art) Moore is an adventurer, a part-time university lecturer, a high school teacher, and a rugby coach living in Moncton, New Brunswick. Author of the poetry collection Shatter the Glass, Shards of Flame, his work has appeared in Queen’s Quarterly, Vallum, The Antigonish Review, The Nashwaak Review, The Dalhousie Review, Qwerty, Off the Coast, Prairie Fire, Boston Poetry Magazine, Quills, and The Military Review. Moore has led six humanitarian work projects to Haiti since the devastating earthquake there in 2010, and his employment history includes army officer, school teacher, and bootlegger.


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April 15, 2024



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