In Review: The Week of November 16th

This week on the blog: a #ReadHarderChallenge, what to read after Amy Jones’s We’re All in This Together, cozy crime season, and more!


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On the Blog

~ For #WorldPrematurityDay, Signature Editions shares an excerpt from Amy Boyes’s Micro Miraclea true and moving account of a first-time mother whose expectations of childbirth and parenting are dramatically altered when she gives birth 16 weeks prematurely. ~ We compare Nina Berkhout’s new novel Why Birds Sing (ECW Press) for anyone who liked Amy Jones’s We’re All in This Together: “These reads are both warm and breezy, but not insubstantial, alternatively funny and poignant, with a window into topics less travelled, in this case opera and whistling rather than sharks and geology.”~ For cozy crime season, we bring you five page turners that’ll keep you wondering whodunnit? all season long.~ This month’s #ReadHarderChallenge shines a spotlight on disabled characters in literature with Kirsten Gundlack-Levinson’s Inheritance (Quattro Books) + 6 follow-up reads

Around the Web

~ Publishers, booksellers call on Ontario Premier Doug Ford to declare bookstores an “essential service” Toronto Star~ How to make a DIY book page wreath (and how to buy) via BookRiot

ICYMI (last week)

Under the Cover: Universal Disorder

After Bernice Friesen underwent radiation under her arm to treat her cancer, her doctors told her that part of her body should never to be exposed to the sun. Her solution was to get crafty and fashion some badass “sun armour.” Freehand Books Publisher Kelsey Attard who published Bernice’s new novel  Universal Disorder, tells us more about the unique story behind Bernice’s creations and how one of the central characters in her book is truly a result of art imitating life.