Read Harder Challenge #16

November 20, 2020

Throughout 2020, All Lit Up-er Tan Light has been participating in BookRiot's  Read Harder Challenge—a reading task designed to expand readerly boundaries—and doing so with an indie twist. Each entry in this series highlights one or two completed challenges along with a list of books from All Lit Up to have you reading harder, too! Scroll on for this month's challenge.

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Challenge #16: Read a book with a main character or protagonist with a disability (fiction or non)

Book:  Inheritance by Kirsten Gundlack-Levinson (Quattro Books)




About the book:
Helena's disfigured face has defined her since childhood, even though her older sister Grace always urged her to love herself. Grace's sudden death leaves Helena stunned and broken-hearted, but also leaves her with an unexpected gift. Inheritance is a meditation on the power and fragility of appearances, and how those who love us help us to love ourselves.

Tan's take: This powerful little novella is one I return to every so often. This powerful little novella is one I return to every so often. The reader is taken on an emotional journey with Helena, as she ponders "the gift," that is as much about her physical appearance as it is about her sense of self-worth and her extraordinary sororal relationship. I cried multiple times during this short read—it is both heartbreaking and hopeful, full of grief and love. 



Looking for more disability narratives? Try...


read harder


Disfigured by Amanda Leduc (Coach House Books)
Falling for Myself by Dorothy Palmer (Wolsak & Wynn)
Disabled Voices Anthology edited by s.b. smith (Rebel Mountain Press)
Still Living the Edges edited by Diane Driedger (Inanna Publications)
A Quiet Roar by Heidi Redl (Caitlin Press)
Just Jen by Jen Powley  (Roseway Publishing)




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Want to join the challenge?  Click here for a downloadable and editable PDF of the 2020 Read Harder Challenge tasks. Stay tuned next month for our final Read Harder!



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