By (author): Pamela Mala Sinha

It’s 1970s Winnipeg—a time of revolution and radical possibilities—and an apartment building of Indian immigrant friends is about to be transformed by their latest arrival. A young Bengali Muslim woman, Nuzha, has just married Qasim over the phone at his mother’s insistence, and can’t wait to start her new life with him. But Qasim struggles to let go of his true love, a Canadian nurse named Abby, making him an emotionally and physically distant husband. Broken-hearted but full of pluck, Nuzha finds comfort and adventures on her own terms by exploring everything her new community has to offer. From braving the bus schedule to building close relationships with Qasim’s friends, Nuzha’s discoveries are thrilling, enriching, and crack open new possibilities for everyone.

From the creator of the powerful solo show Crash, Pamela Mala Sinha’s New is an evocative, emotionally astute comedy about the complex nature of love and sacrifice, joyful togetherness and piercing loneliness, and what it means to create entirely new ways of life through our willingness to tread uncharted territory.


Pamela Mala Sinha

Pamela is a Toronto-based writer and actress who works in theatre, film and television. Her first solo play, Crash, which she also performed, garnered six Dora Nominations and four awards including Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress and Outstanding New Play for 2012. PamelaÕs short story ÒHidingÓ, was published in the best selling anthology Dropped Threads Vol. II (ed. Carol Shields, Marjorie Anderson) for Random House Canada, and was the inspiration for Crash. Pamela is currently at work on a new play, Happy Place, and a series for television entitled A.D.D, co-created with Damon DÕOliveira.


“… a masterful portrait of loneliness, yearning, grief and marriage which blends snappy, Neil Simon-esque domestic dialogue with a dramatic sharpness rarely deployed in a play quite so funny.”

“Specific in its details but universal in its themes, New . . . is one of the best new Canadian plays to debut this season.”


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144 Pages
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December 19, 2023



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DRAMA / Women Authors



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By (author): Pamela Mala Sinha