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The ALU Poetry Shop

Happy National Poetry Month! Whether you’re a poetry buff or a dip-your-toe-r, we’ve got great poetry books from independent Canadian publishers that put words to our feels. Scroll down to find poetry to satisfy all kinds of reading moods and enjoy free shipping Canada-wide.

Award Winners & Nominees

Don’t take our word for it: these books have some serious literary awards cred.

“but i’ll get to hold your hand and see an entire star fall behind you, the foreground: your face lighting up, ambient noise encasing.”

–Dallas Hunt, Teeth

Indigenous Voices

Celebrate NPM with books by vibrant Indigenous poets.

Queer Collections

LGBTQ2S+ picks for your queer collection.

“the horse is a wardrobe full of killers and only you know the eagle will always want the liver”

–Colleen Coco Collins, Sorry About the Fire

There’s a poem for that…

For NPM, we interview 22 poets about their work and share poems for times of crisis and celebration. 

Poetry by Debut Authors

Discover new poets with these debut collections.

Poetry for the Cosmos

Poetry that asks the big questions.

“Like my hands, my hunger never hardened over.”

–Domenica Martinello, Good Want

Genre-Bending Poetry

For those who like their poetry a little hybrid, and a lot explosive.

Activists, Unite

Socially-conscious poetry for the social-justice-minded.

Resist the Patriarchy

Poetry for the feminist killjoys and enjoyers of women’s experiences.

Poetry Collabs

Teamwork really makes the dream work in these collaborative collections.

“The angels nodded, ‘Yes, for sure. We’ll take you
to the gay bar in heaven.’”

–Emily Austin, Gay Girl Prayers