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By Pat Patterson
With Bertrand Hébert
Foreword by Vincent K. McMahon

“Pat is one of the greatest mentors I’ve ever had in the world of sports-entertainment.” — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

When Pat Patterson was 17 years old, he was asked to leave his home after telling his parents he was in love . . . with a man. Moving from Montreal ... Read more

Adventures in Larryland!

By Larry Zbyszko

WrestlingÓ³ self-proclaimed ?Living LegendÔ may never wear a championship belt again, but heÓ³ definitely not down for the count, as this memoir shows in its entertaining, often hilarious story of a remarkable ascent to wrestling notoriety. Voted Rookie of the Year in ... Read more

Bang Your Head

By Dewey Robertson & Meredith Renwick

A much-loved character of U.S. and Canadian rope operas is revealed in this tale of the true-life events that led to the birth, life, and downfall of The Missing Link. The Link was a bizarre, seemingly primitive character, his body-builder`s physique juxtaposed with the dress ... Read more

Beer, Blood & Cornmeal

By Bob Calhoun

Incredibly Strange Wrestling was the bastard offspring of post-punk garage rock and masked Mexican lucha libre. Fielding a cast of crazed characters with names like El Homo Loco, Macho Sasquatcho and El Pollo Diablo, the show lived up to its name. Christians fought lions, Ku ... Read more


By Steven Johnson, Heath McCoy, Irv Muchnick, and Greg Oliver

The life and alarming death of acclaimed professional wrestler Chris Benoit are explored in this timely and exhaustive biography. In June 2007 Benoit committed suicide after killing his wife and son, and the media coverage surrounding this event?as well as the facts of the case ... Read more

Between the Ropes

By Brian Fritz & Christopher Murray

The power players behind the wildly popular and often controversial world of professional wrestling are examined in this chronological look at the past 10 years of wrestling entertainment.


By Gary Michael Cappetta


They're held captive by the glamour and the grotesque of the oldest spectacle known to man. But the inquisitive public at large, along with a vast international network of pro wrestling aficionados, yearn for more than the intriguing soap opera scenarios and daring athleticism ... Read more


By Larry Matysik & Barbara Goodish

Written by his best friend and widow, this compelling biography of international wrestling superstar ?BruiserÔ Brody provides an unparalleled look at his life and death. At 6ÒµÔ and a muscular 320 pounds, Brody was a giant in the ring who evoked fear in his opponents and ... Read more