Do-Lit-Yourself: Literary #notd Giller Edition, 2017

This is our THIRD time painting the Giller shortlist onto our digits (see 2015 and 2016 here) – we can’t stop, won’t stop our excitement for this year’s deserving nominees. Of course, we’re most excited for Michelle Winter’s I Am a Truck (Invisible Publishing)…there may have been a bit of a tiff at ALU HQ on who got to do that one.


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Do-Lit-Yourself is a column for book lovers with a crafty streak. This pinteresting monthly is keyed by LPG Education and Engagement manager Lauren Perruzza.First up, it’s the mossy snowscape of Michael Redhill’s Bellevue Square – we just love the greens in this one.
Next up is the steampunk-ian Minds of Winter by Ed O’Loughlin: we recreated the cogs with circles of gold and grey on brilliant blue.
We can’t get over the gorgeous cover of Eden Robinson’s Son of a Trickster, but we can flatter with an imitation of the feathers.
As we’ve noted in previous years, birds aren’t always our strong suit. Blue-and-white wallpaper kind of is, though, on Rachel Cusk’s Transit.
We’ve got our fingers crossed in I Am a Truck greens for next Monday! Good luck to all of the nominees!
* * *We’ll be sporting these looks at the Giller Light Bash – you’ll be there, won’t you? For more Do Lit Yourself, click here.