Threadbare Like Lace

By (author): Jacqueline Baldwin

The reflective poems in Threadbare Like Lace comment on the world as Jacqueline Baldwin has experienced it. She is an expatriate New Zealander who has lived and worked in such far-flung places as Montreal and the remote Robson Valley in the Canadian Rockies. Her poems are a mediation between the private and public worlds and are reminiscent of many of the Black Mountain poets. Her work is fuelled by her love of the natural world and her abhorrence of violence. She is one of those rare poets who is both intensely readable and popular. Threadbare Like Lace is her first book, although she has had individual poems published in many journals and her work is well received at readings.


Jacqueline Baldwin

Born in New Zealand, Jacqueline Baldwin immigrated to Canada at the age of 22, and travelled extensively until she began an organic farm in Steelhead, near Vancouver. Years later, Jackie raised her three children on a farm in Loos, in the Robson Valley. She can now be found enjoying her garden ‘Studio Dacha’ in Prince George, BC.


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February 01, 2005


Caitlin Press



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