The Turing Machinists

By (author): M. E. Reid


M. E. Reid

Born in Chatham, New Brunswick, M.E. Reid has lived in Cold Lake, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Petawawa, Ontario; and West Germany. She currently lives in Kitchener, Ontario, and is the mother of two children with autism (one with Asperger’s). The Turing Machinists is her first book for young adults.


“Reid is able to do what very few previous authors before her have accomplished, creating naturalistic portrayals [of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder] that embed cultural differences alongside differences related to ability—and she does this with finesse … she delivers a masterfully unique montage of a story that offers the utmost respect for difference while at the same time employing the perspective of a very reliable and self-smart narrator who completely wins our hearts. Reid is certainly an author to watch. Highly Recommended.” ****/4
– CM Magazine

“This is a remarkable book … the novel [goes] beyond the realm of being an “issue” work into one with a unique intelligence worthy of the reader’s attention.” E for Excellent
– Resource Links

“The Turing Machinists is a revolutionary novel. Very few books attempt to tackle the struggles that come with having Asperger’s syndrome. Even fewer books portray the disorder accurately. The Turing Machinists accomplishes both of these tasks, and it provides a humorous and entertaining plot while depicting very serious topics.”


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180 Pages


June 27, 2016


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