The Monster Trilogy

By (author): RM Vaughan

Demons, ogres, werewolves – men have all the fun. Not here. Celebrated playwright RM Vaughan’s The Monster Trilogy turns the tables and offers up three monstrously evil women in three explosive monologues.

In The Susan Smith Tapes, the infamous young mother who drowned her three sons tries to recapture the public’s attention by auditioning for talk shows from her prison cell. In A Visitation by Saint Teresa of Avila upon Constable Margaret Chance, we meet a middle-aged police officer whose world view is warped by her obsession with race, bloodlines and genetic determinism. And Dead Teenagers introduces us to the Reverend, a frustrated cleric unhealthily addicted to the spectacle of large funerals for murdered children.

These monologues – all performed at Rhubarb! festivals and all critically acclaimed – create a vivid triptych that considers the notion of monstrosity from three very distinct perspectives.

‘RM Vaughan writes like a sailor with a PhD and a broken heart.’ – Daniel MacIvor


RM Vaughan

RM Vaughan was a writer and video artist. He was the author of many plays and books, including Bright Eyed: Insomnia and its Cultures, Troubled, The Monster Trilogy, and A Selection of Dazzling Scarves, and contributed articles on culture to a wide variety of publications including being a Contributing Editor for and an art critic for the Globe and Mail. Vaughan’s short videos have played in festivals and galleries across Canada and around the world.


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October 16, 2003


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