The Last Unsuitable Man

By (author): Louise Carson

Struggling mystery author Claire Denman is enjoying a relaxing vacation at her brother’s secluded house in the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia after helping a wealthy elderly woman move her cats across the country. The woman happens to be the wife of the man Claire had an affair with 30 years ago and she happens to be renting Claire’s brother’s rental property next door.

Claire’s days are filled with writing poetry, birdwatching, and exploring the nearby town. But then strange things begin to occur on the property. Claire finds messes she doesn?t remember making, objects start to go missing, and entire days are seemingly missing from Claire’s memory. So, when the elderly lady is found murdered, how can Claire be sure she wasn’t somehow involved?

The Last Unsuitable Man is a slow-burn thriller filled with twists that no one–least of all the victim–could see coming.


Louise Carson

Born in Montreal and raised in Hudson, Quebec, Louise Carson studied music in Montreal and Toronto, played jazz piano, and sang in the chorus of the Canadian Opera Company. Her previous books include the literary mysteries The Cat Among Us and Executor, and the poetry collection A Clearing. Her poems have also been published coast to coast as well as in The Best Canadian Poetry 2013. She?s twice been short-listed in FreeFall Magazine ?s annual contest, and her poem ?Plastic bucket? won a Manitoba Magazine Award for Prairie Fire. Louise has read her work in the Montreal area, Ottawa, Toronto, Saskatoon and New York City. She lives in rural Quebec, where she gardens, writes, and teaches music.


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October 15, 2022


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