The Gentleman Clothier

By (author): Norm Foster

Experienced tailor Norman Davenport has barely opened the doors to his new clothing store in downtown Halifax when Sophie, an exuberant young woman, barges in looking for work, followed by Patrick, a single father who claims to be handy. Hesitantly Norman hires them both to tie up the last few threads before the grand opening. And whether Norman realizes it or not, he needs help getting into the twenty-first century to cater to the current tastes of his customers. When the shop’s first customer, Alisha Sparrow, a friendly, attractive woman, drops in looking for a suit for her husband, Norman is smitten against his better judgment. His sensible, modest world has become profoundly complicated in less than a week, and Norman longs to live in a simpler time. Unfortunately for him, his life is about to get messier as he wakes to find things are not what they used to be.


Norm Foster

Norm Foster has written sixty plays and has been produced all over the world from Newfoundland to Australia. His most popular plays include The Melville Boys, The Ladies Foursome, Hilda’s Yard, and On A First Name Basis. He has been given the Los Angeles Drama-Logue Award for The Melville Boys, and The Motor Trade won the best new play award at the Hollywood NAACP Awards in 2012. He was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2017.


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Norman: Do you think I’m old-fashioned? Patrick: No. Old-fashioned is someone who is behind the current time. You’re in a different time altogether. Like this fellow here. He points to the newspaper. Norman: That’s George Bernard Shaw. Patrick: Well, that’s the time you belong in. George Bernard Shaw’s time. Oh, look. He points at the counter. A lady bug. Norman: What? Patrick: A lady bug. There. On your newspaper. Norman: Oh. So it is. Patrick picks up the newspaper slowly. Patrick: Lady bug lady bug fly away home. Your house is on fire and your children are gone. Norman: That’s a disturbing poem, isn’t it? Patrick: Hold out your hands.? Norman: What for?? Patrick: Just hold out your hands. Patrick gently moves the newspaper over to Norman’s hand and brushes the lady bug into Norman’s palms. Now, make a wish.

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144 Pages
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April 15, 2016



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