Talking Masks

By (author): Adam Seelig

Talking Masksis a dramatic score whose themes collide, clash and harmonize. At its core are a son, two mothers and an absent father who, in exploring their intertwined fates, fuse two of the world’s most enduring myths: the tragedy of Oedipus and the tale of Isaac and Ishmael. What unfolds is a wild progression of rapid-fire interactions that reveal and expose as much as they conceal and mask about the Ôcharactors’.

“Riveting theatre, its arguments touching the mind while its emotions engage the heart.”
Ñ Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine, on ANTIGONE : INSURGENCY

“A truly admirable play Ð the themes are fascinatingÉ the trio of actors wonderfully done, and the traces of the Jacob story very well modulated.”
Ñ Marjorie Perloff on ALL IS ALMOST STILL


Adam Seelig

Adam Seelig is a poet, playwright, stage director, and the Artistic Director of One Little Goat Theatre Company in Toronto. His plays include Talking Masks (BookThug, Toronto 2009), Antigone: Insurgency (Toronto 2007), All Is Almost Still (New York, 2004) and For The First Time (Toronto, 2011).

Born and raised in Vancouver, Seelig has also lived in Northern California, New York, and Jerusalem. He has written for World Literature Today, Modern Drama, jwcurry, and Poetry Magazine.


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April 25, 2009





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