By (author): Todd Klinck

Winner, 3-Day Novel Contest

Tacones is a hangout for a subculture of outlaws and rejects – crackhead murderers, transvestite prostitutes, biastogerontophiles, hustler boys, and addicts – all painfully beyond denial, searching for connection, solace, humour, thrills, sex, and the perfect high. A rollicking and caustic romp through the violent and ambivalent world of the Toronto after-hours scene. Descend, if you dare…

Tacones was first published in 1997 after winning the 19th annual 3-Day Novel Contest. It was immediately praised for its raw, unflinching portrait of an underclass and was compared to John Rechy’s City of Night.

Tacones feels as disturbingly fresh as it did ten years ago and it seemed a fitting time to reissue this scurrilous little novel, warts and all.

Praise for Tacones:

“Compulsively readable” (Evelyn Lau)

“Very short, very cheap, and . . . very, very sexy.” (Toronto Star)

“Refreshingly spare and unadorned . . . Tacones comes on like a mild heart attack.” (Bruce LaBruce)


Todd Klinck

Todd Klinck is a writer, film artist, former sex-trade worker, and co-owner of Mayhem North, an adult video company. His regular column ?Trade? ran for three-and-a-half years in fab magazine, and he has been the subject of feature articles in Xtra, Advocate, Now, the Toronto Star, and The Globe & Mail. Todd also appeared on Showcase?s alternative lifestyle program, Kink. He co-authored the screenplay for the Genie-nominated feature film, Sugar and is currently working on an as-yet-untitled screenplay based on Tacones and a second novel, Us Whores. He lives in Toronto.


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November 20, 2007



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