Signs of the Times

By (author): Bud Osborn

Edited by: Richard Tetrault

‘Signs of the Times’ reunites the poetry of Bud Osborn and the woodprints of Vancouver printmaker and painter Richard Tetrault. As with their first collaboration, ‘Oppenheimer Park’, ‘Signs of the Times’ is both an unflinching look at Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and a beautiful object in its own right.

“The linocut and woodcut prints that constitute half of the art of this volume are exquisite their elegance….This volume is the best value for your money you coulod ever hope as lovers of art, as lovers of people. It puts art into your sweaty hands; it forces you to engage in the politics of humanity” – Prairie Fire


Bud Osborn

Bud Osborn has been a poet and social activist for nearly 40 years. A former director of the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board, Bud Osborn was instrumental in founding such harm reduction organizations as VANDU (Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users), GTA (Grief to Action), and PRG (Political Response Group). Recently he has launched Creative Resistance, a group that advocates the repeal of drug prohibition and its “War on Drugs” strategy. Bud Osborn’s poetry credo is “fidelity to lived experience.” He has published five books of poetry which include ‘Lonesome Monsters’ (Anvil, 1995), ‘Hundred Block Rock’ (Arsenal Pulp, 1999), ‘Oppenheimer Park’ (1998, in collaboration with artist Richard Tetrault), and ‘Keys to Kingdoms’ (Get to the Point, 1999) which won the City of Vancouver Book Award.


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48 Pages
7.5in * 9.5in * .2in


January 03, 2006



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