Re:union, by Gordie Miller

By (author): Geordie Miller

Re:union is an attempt to engage sincerely with a ridiculous world. It’s a bundle of lyrics, prose, and postcards. Addressing figures ranging from Ayn Rand to the Wu-­Tang Clan, and mining political convictions, personal loss, loves (old-­fashioned and brand new), the poems in this collection reach you in ways that are direct and affecting.

“An excellent set of nimble-witted poems.”The Coast


Geordie Miller

Geordie Miller does an American Literature PhD, stand-up comedy, articles on Canadian poetry, and summers of  slo-pitch. Miller’s writing has appeared in The Coast, The Dalhousie Review, and the Rememberer anthology (Invisible Publishing). He lives in Halifax, NS.


“Sharp and sincere, Miller’s impressive collection of poems, Re:union, caught me off guard, seamlessly weaving prosaic anecdotes, wry celebrations of minor crises avoided, wide-eyed childhood adventures, small town disasters, and accidental comedies.”Broken Pencil

“An excellent set of nimble-witted poems that turn and chirp in surprising ways, baiting the reader to press on beyond punchlines and sinkholes with a smirk.”The Coast

“In Geordie Miller’s eye-popping new book Re:Union, we are told that “The human comedy is not very funny”—though we travel far and wide to document its ironic incidentals, the jokes that just don’t quite come out as jokes, the details of what’s happening at the limits of attention/humour. Behind the self-deprecating laughter there’s a neoliberal static, the white noise of austerity, cheap copies of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged vying for our attention in a slant dialogue with Lenin’s What Is To Be Done—both books left for our perusal in the vague spaces of travel and social encounter that haunt these subtle and fleeting poems. If Frank O’Hara were around today and a member of the intellectual precariat (over-educated and under-employed) now wandering our cities looking for lines to parse amidst the flotsam and jetsam of pop culture, he’d recognize Geordie Miller’s world in an instant. The two poets might even sit down to lunch together. I for one wouldn’t mind listening in on the conversation. This book feels like the chance to do so.”—Stephen Collis, author of Decomp

“This clever, funny, gorgeous debut collection of surreal poems — letters, rants, familial love poems, heartbreaks—will twist your head in just the right ways. Geordie Miller is one hell of a great surpriser, and when he starts his revolution, I’m in.”—Carolyn Smart, author of Hooked


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April 15, 2014



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