By (author): Svetlana Ischenko

Svetlana Ischenko tackles the creative tension between her identity as a Ukrainian poet, with deeply Ukrainian sensibilities, and that of an immigrant poet enthused by her adopted country.

In Nucleus readers will see through a Ukrainian immigrant’s eyes as she looks back at the land and traditions of her original country. This collection illuminates Ischenko’s poetic transformation, from a heroic crown of sonnets to freer, lyrical pieces, but all within the dynamic of Ukrainian and Canadian subject matter and sensibilities. A powerful collection, made even more profound in light of recent events in Ukraine.

Nucleus includes a fascinating introductory essay that explores the immigrant’s translation of self in a new country.


“The heroine in Svetlana Ischenko’s Nucleus views the world through the lenses of two homelands, one native and one acquired, and this gives her poetry depth, subtlety, and a polyphonic quality, turning it into a bird of lyrical utterance winging over an ocean between beloved shores and releasing its coded feathers across the waves.” – Teodozia Zarivna, Ukrainian poet, novelist, playwright, and journalist, author of the novels Willow Board and Hunting for Birds of the Sky

“Nucleus is not only a showcasing of a transcendent poetic gift, but also a lyrical testimony to what it means to be Ukrainian and Canadian.” – Angela Girard, North Vancouver City Councillor


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January 26, 2024


Ronsdale Press



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