No Ordinary Place

By (author): Pamela Porter

Pamela Porter’s poems celebrate a world awaiting discovery. She opens this new collection with a poem entitled “An Offering” in which she brings to the ceremony “poems / for every season – of dreams born, / burning, broken” and, in particular, one that “begins like a perilous grace” to develop as “naked and tender and wanting.” Throughout, one hears and sees images that connect both the poet and reader to other dimensions. Always for Porter, there is the moment tentatively coming into being where the mundane is transformed into something totally unexpected and otherworldly. The image can be one that develops from the natural world as in “Branches, Early Spring,” where she sees how “the trees’ red sap set the sky on fire.” Another poem based in nature is “Naming” in which “small birds life into the sky / holding in their beaks / the words we don’t need to say.” Throughout, Porter’s poems celebrate moments when we experience “the beginning of the world again.”


Pamela Porter

Pamela Porter’s work has won more than a dozen international, national, provincial, and local awards, including the Governor General’s Award, the Gwendolyn MacEwan Poetry Prize, the Malahat Review’s 50th Anniversary Poetry Prize, and has appeared on the CBC, Pat Lowther and Raymond Souster Award shortlists. Pamela lives near Sidney, BC, with her family and a menagerie of rescued horses, dogs, and cats.


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106 Pages
9in * 6in * .35in


February 15, 2012


Ronsdale Press



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