Late Moon

By (author): Pamela Porter

This stunning collection will break your heart and put it back together again, as Pamela Porter unravels a long-held family secret in a moving personal search for redemption, face to face with the question of her own identity. As she says, “It was this way when Rome was burning, / and was not so different / when dark fires flared / outside the walls of Eden.” These poems brim with deep longing, remorse, the beauty of the natural world, an abiding thirst for the truth, and finally, acceptance and peace, as when there is “a choir of foxes, out from their hollow / in the early dark, / yipping, yipping and singing, / praising the bright, the unkempt world.” Late Moon is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and to the transformative power of language – with Porter writing to rise “above the grief-stricken world/ and sing all night.”


Pamela Porter

Pamela Porter’s work has won more than a dozen international, national, provincial, and local awards, including the Governor General’s Award, the Gwendolyn MacEwan Poetry Prize, the Malahat Review’s 50th Anniversary Poetry Prize, and has appeared on the CBC, Pat Lowther and Raymond Souster Award shortlists. Pamela lives near Sidney, BC, with her family and a menagerie of rescued horses, dogs, and cats.


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110 Pages
9in * 6in * .3in


February 15, 2013


Ronsdale Press



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