Invasion of the IQ Snatchers

By (author): Arthur Slade

Gordon Whillickers and his friend Sophia are the only ones who can stop a sinister plot to steal the brain power of the people of Nanaimo.

Someone is delivering plates of scrumptious Nanaimo bars to every household in Nanaimo, and the people who eat them are behaving very strangely. Gordon Whillickers doesn’t get to eat his because at the last minute a hairy arm reaches through his window and steals them. He and Sophia chase after the thief and meet an amazing Sasquatch named Cheryl, who is also puzzled by the sudden appearance of the mouth-watering delicacies.

With the help of Cheryl and the technological wizardry of a local librarian, the two kids move ever closer to the alien creature at the centre of the plot. They must stop him before the Nanaimoites’ IQs are lost forever.


Arthur Slade

Arthur Slade was raised in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan (on a ranch). He wasn’t raised by wolves. It was elves. And one grumpy dwarf. He began writing at an early age. It took a few years but he is now the author of more than thirty novels, including Dust (which won the Governor General’s award), Dragon Assassin, and The Hunchback Assignments. He currently lives in the mythical city of Saskatoon and does all of his writing on a treadmill desk while he listens to heavy metal. Really. It’s true.


“I think each main character in this book probably could have solved the Nanaimo bar mystery themselves because they are very intelligent, but their working as a team ensured fun for us and a sense of community for them! … Invasion of the IQ Snatchers is a page-turning story that can appeal to many readers … This story will have young readers wanting to read more books in this series! Highly recommended.” – Canadian Review of Materials


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124 Pages
8.5in * 5.5in * 1in


June 11, 2024


Shadowpaw Press



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