Darrell Dennis: Two Plays

By (author): Darrell Dennis

Introduction by: Lee Maracle

Tales of an Urban Indian is a one-person play that follows the trials and tribulations of Simon Douglas, a young First Nations man who moves from his rural reservation to the big city of Vancouver. This dark comedy examines the issues of race, identity, and assimilation that drive young Indigenous men to self-destruction.

In The Trickster of Third Avenue East, Roger and Mary are spiralling out of control but are too scared to let each other go. Enter J.C., a mysterious visitor who turns their lives upside down and forces them to confront their darkest secrets. J.C. pushes Roger and Mary into the realm of the supernatural and past the brink of sanity.


Lee Maracle

Lee Maracle is an author and critic born in Vancouver. A prolific First Nations writer and expert on First Nations culture and history, Lee Maracle is an influential Aboriginal voice in Canadian postcolonial criticism.


Darrell Dennis

Darrell Dennis, a Secwépemc native, is the writer/performer of the Dora-nominated Tales of an Urban Indian, The Trickster of 3rd Ave East, Home of the Running Brave, and numerous other plays, television, film, and radio, as well as the award-winning non-fiction novel Peace Pipe Dreams: The Truth about Lies about Indians.


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July 01, 2005



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