Asian Canadian Theatre

A collection of essays emerging from the international GENesis conference held by fu-GEN Theatre Company in 2010, this is the first book to consider the formation, history, and practice of Asian Canadian theatre. As the foundational volume in the development of a new field of study, it includes essays by major voices in Asian Canadian Studies and Asian North American Theatre Studies, as well as some of Canada’s top theatre practitioners.The book offers essays that contextualize the development of Asian Canadian theatre, celebrate its founders, analyze some of its most significant achievements, theorize its work, and articulate its major contribution to Canadian theatre in the twenty-first century.

Contributors include Donald Goellnicht, Christine Kim, Ric Knowles, Christopher Lee, Esther Kim Lee, Daphne Lei, Siyuan Lui, Xiaoping Li, Jane Luk, Sean Metzger, Anne Nothof, Jane Park, Thy Phu, Jenna Rodgers, Shelley Scott, Karen Shimikawa, Eleanor Ty, Donald Woo, David Yee, and Jean Yoon.


  • Patrick O’Neill Award 2012, Winner
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    May 25, 2011



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