among men

By (author): David Yee

1959, Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Canada. On the edge of spring, two men are finishing an A-frame cabin on Roblin Lake. In the coming decade all three of them—Al, Milt, and the A-frame—will become famous and change the face of Canadian poetry. But for now all they have is the stench of sweat, whiskey, and words. From Governor General’s Literary Award–winner David Yee, among men is a poetic and charged portrait of male friendship in uncertain times, and a story of how Canadian literature was changed forever.


David Yee

David Yee was born and raised in Toronto, and proudly identifies himself as a Hapa of Scottish and Chinese descent. A Dora Mavor Moore Award–nominated actor and playwright, his work has been produced across Canada and internationally. His play lady in the red dress was nominated for the 2010 Governor General’s Literary Award. He is currently the artistic director of fu-GEN Theatre Company.


“David Yee has taken a footnote in Canadian literature and created a play that is raucous, lively, crude . . . and extremely moving.”

“A laugh-out-loud, moving piece of art.”

“David Yee’s among men is an electric gut punch! The nuances of the story, the complex characters, and their layered narrative hits home. It’s Yee at his finest.”

“Masterful storytelling.”


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May 30, 2023



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