A Separate Star

A Separate Star collects the decolonial socialist ambitions of Red Braid Alliance through reflections on struggle, popular-philosophical inquiries, and revolutionary strategy. The roots of the collectively-authored book are in Red Braid?s decade of efforts to foster the self-organization of what they referred to as subaltern social groups in tent cities, squats, and nameless low-rise apartment buildings facing demoviction in cities and towns throughout south-west British Columbia. Beyond a collection of reminiscences about such ?basebuilding? action, A Separate Star is an inquiry into the theory and practices of building a fighting political organization that orbits a centre of gravity separate from settler colonial nation states and their sophisticated civil societies. For Indigenous sovereigntists, it is a contribution from the perspective of Indigenous fighters displaced into cities and towns who are mobilizing sovereignty as a method to move beyond survival to build the revolutionary power of
Indigenous street kin. For socialists, it is a polemic for a decolonial socialism that cannot be realized without taking out the evil triumvirate of colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism.


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September 15, 2023





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