A Difficult Beauty

By (author): David Groulx

David Groulx’s latest collection offers his readers a handful of poems as cutting and brilliant as glass shards, offering glimpses of the anger, pain and lost beauties of his ancestors. These poems cut deep with their clear-eyed honesty, their stripped away pain and suffering. A subtle weaving of black humour and fleeting touches of beauty, as well at the careful craftsmanship of the writing make these poems iconic. This is a collection that should not be missed.


David Groulx

David Groulx was raised in the mining community of Elliot Lake in northern Ontario. He is proud of hisNative roots – his mother is Ojibwa and his father is French Canadian. David received his B.A. degree from Lakehead University, where he won the Munro Poetry Prize. He has previously published seven poetry books and his poems have appeared in over one hundred periodicals in Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, Turkey, and the USA. He currently lives near Ottawa, Ontario.


“Groulx’s volume is full of yearnings, pain, and frustration; the writing is honest, lucid, and relentless in its efforts to understand the injustices heaped upon an unsuspecting but thriving culture.” – Prairie Fire Review of Books

“There is tenderness in Groulx; there is beauty alongside difficulty. But he has thunderbolts to throw ? to illuminate consciousness and rock consciences ? and he throws them, to overthrow complacency.” – The Chronicle Herald

“This collection of poetry is a passionate snapshot of poignant aspects of life on the rez depicted in simple scenes that are propelled forward with a sparse economy of language. It is little wonder that Groulx has won awards for his poetry and it has appeared globally in over one hundred periodicals.” – Canadian Literature


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September 01, 2011



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