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  • Dream Helmet

    Dream Helmet


    Join the children in this delightful picture book, children who dream of skateboarding through the galaxy, of meeting a guitar-playing hippopotamus, of feeding a baby brother who eats EXPLOSIVELY! Find the knock-kneed knight! Travel to Saskatchewan “without your socks and sandals on” – and by the end of the book you’ll be walking with an elephant and dancing with an elephant seal, able to speak “Tuque Talk” and sing a “Great Lake Rag”!

  • Nootka Sound In Harmony

    Nootka Sound In Harmony


    In Nootka Sound in HarmonyMetis author, Spencer Sheehan-Kalina, uses poetry to highlight the beauty of the Nootka Sound, BC and the animals who live there. Each verse of this beautifully illustrated book has an adjoining page of Indigenous connections to the poem’s content.We are grateful for the permissions and support of the Cultural Resource Centre committee and Chief Jerry Jack of the Mowachaht/Muchalahat First Nation in Tsaxana, B.C.Teacher resources available on publishers website:

  • Rosa Rose

    Rosa Rose


    Silver Medal for the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

    Honorable mention in the Lion and the Unicorn Award for Excellence in North American Poetry

    From Terry Fox to Ghandi, Rosa Parks to Elijah Harper, Robert Priest has collected some of his most inspiring poems together in this book for young people. Priest, an award-winning poet and musician, has written these thought-provoking poems to introduce children to men and women across the planet that have changed the world. Illustrated with bold line drawings by Joan Krygsman, Rosa Rose is a captivating book sure to delight all readers.

  • Thirty Poems for Children

    Thirty Poems for Children


    With vivid imagery and an appealing use of Arabic meters and rhymes, the poems in this book explore nature, family, school, play, and boundless world of the imagination. The diverse themes and sounds in Thirty Poems for Children cultivate cognitive and contemplative senses along with unique layout and drawings of the book. The 30 poems deliver an important educational message in simple, yet captivating language, and prompt children to think creatively through the senses and the imagination.

  • Where the Crooked Lighthouse Shines

    Where the Crooked Lighthouse Shines


    A dark, fantastical collection of narrative poems that draw on unique elements of Newfoundland and Labrador culture and folklore.

    Intended to be read aloud, Where the Crooked Lighthouse Shines draws on Newfoundland and Labrador’s long tradition of lyric storytelling, making whimsical use of rhyme and rhythm. 

    Young readers will enjoy the humour in the verse while seeing how problems (even the dark and scary ones) can be resolved without losing one’s sense of playfulness and wonder.

  • Woods Wolf Girl

    Woods Wolf Girl


    Cornelia Hoogland takes the story of Little Red Riding Hood and turns it inside out in this sensuous Canadian retelling. The woods and wolves are vivid and real, while Red herself is anything but a one dimensional girl-child. A meditation on innocence and its loss, and on the power of the green wilderness, Woods Wolf Girl uses striking lyric poetry to expose the heart of the original fairy tale.