Bingemas: Unputdownable Books for Everyone

It’s Bingemas at ALU, a time when pop culture and literature unite. It’s the season of power-reading between Hanukkah and Kwanzaa celebrations, gifting the perfect lit for all the pop-culture enthusiasts on your Christmas list, and being the lovable smarty-pants who can confidently recommend the book equivalent of every TV show out there (because sometimes people need to know). From now until December 15, we’re suggesting books for every pop-culture geek on your list from the Netflix-Original Connoisseur to the Podcast Professor to the the l33t Gamer. (And what’s more is that they’re all 15% off until the 15th!). Read on for more details.


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We’ve got 20 pop-culture inspired book suggestions that’ll have even the most unread friend on your list book bingin’. See what we have coming down the chimney every day until December 15 and make sure to place your orders by then to get 15% off your purchase (and to ensure your books make it under your non-denominational tree in time). We’ll also include a special postcard (+ promo!) with artwork by Meags Fitzgerald with any purchase!The Netflix-Original Connoisseur: Blood Fable (BookThug) & Small Claims (Invisible Publishing)The Board Game Geek: Girls Fall Down (Coach House Books) & Other Houses (Brick Books)The Outcast Sympathizer: Vampire Cousins (Pow Pow Press) & Inheritance (Quattro Books)The Existentialist: You Are Among Monsters (Palimpsest Press) & Beforelife (ECW Press)The Podcast Professor: The Handover (Biblioasis) & Braided Skin (Mother Tongue Publishing)The Animal Aficionado: Whale in the Door (Caitlin Press) & Adventures with Ollie (Oolichan Books)The “Here for Drama” Dilettante: Late Company (Playwrights Canada Press) & A Place You’ll Never Be (Coteau Books)The Feminist Killjoy: Middenrammers (Freehand Books) & In the Land of Two-Legged Women (Inanna Publications)The l33t Gamer: 59 Glass Bridges (NeWest Press) & In Search of New Babylon (Talonbooks)The Homesteader: Apron Strings (Goose Lane Editions) & Evelina (Stonehouse Publishing)* * * Follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #ALUbingemas!