Bingemas: For the l33t Gamer

December 14, 2017

It's the penultimate Bingemas day, and we're setting our controllers down and picking up books for fans of the Legend of Zelda and Red Dead Redemption. These two debut novels from NeWest Press and Talonbooks are perfect for the gamer on your list (and might even reduce their screen time, a little).

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Hey, listen, good gift-giver: achievement unlocked! You can buy either or both of these video game-inspired reads for 15% off.



The Legend of Zelda = = =  59 Glass Bridges by Steven Peters (NeWest Press)

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who wasn't aware of the Legend of Zelda series of games, but for those super-fans who are always due to drop an "Actually, the main character's name is Link" on you, why not gift them 59 Glass Bridges? Just as Link is doomed to brave his way through perilous dungeons with the sole aid of a trustworthy fairy or shadow spirit or friendly pirate, the unnamed narrator in 59 Glass Bridges is helped – though that could be argued – by the mysterious and purposely obscure being, Willow. The magical and dangerous dungeon the narrator finds himself in is not a dying tree or Yeti mansion but an office building (which would make for a unique Zelda dungeon, we concur).



Red Dead Redemption = = =  In Search of New Babylon by Dominique Scali, translated by Donald W. Wilson (Talonbooks)

If your giftee spent untold hours on virtual horseback as Red Dead Redemption's outlaw-turned-family man John Marston, slake their Western thirst with Dominique Scali's In Search of New Babylon. Set in the same dusty American frontier towns and sweeping deadland landscapes so familiar to players of Red Dead, Scali's debut novel also matches the game in her ability to capture uniquely motivated characters: the snake oil salesman to a disgraced preacher, the lovelorn revolutionary to an innkeeper on the run. It might just be the perfect gift to tide them over until the next instalment of the game comes out this March.


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