Women Poets

Women Poets
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By Marlene Cookshaw

An award-winning poet's day-book of poems, where both bounty and loss are tenderly assigned value.


Marlene Cookshaw, in her first collection of poetry in more than a decade, invites her readers to partake in a long-anticipated harvest that comes in many forms. Whether she's ... Read more

We Are Malala

By Katerina Fretwell

We Are Malala is an imagined dialogue between Nobel Peace winner Malala Yousafzai and the poet about historical, cultural and spiritual themes. Malala's autobiography, I Am Malala, inspired this collection. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are in increasingly and dangerously ... Read more

Children Shouldn't Use Knives

By Shirley Camia

Canadian poet Shirley Camia presents a harrowing but exhilarating examination of life before adolescence. In a series of razor-sharp sketches, Camia's piercing observations are offered as a perfectly balanced counter-weight to the sing-song melody of innocence. Camia and Vancouver ... Read more

Insomnia Bird

By Kelly Shepherd

The poems in Kelly Shepherd’s Insomniac Bird are a cartography and a geography of Edmonton. The poems which shift between short, individual lyric pieces and found text emulate a black-billed magpie’s nest with the subject-matter and also physically, with the words and lines. ... Read more

Kiskajeyi- I AM READY

By Michelle Sylliboy
By (photographer) Michelle Sylliboy

Kiskajeyi- I AM READY is a ground breaking Indigenous poetry book that also includes ancient Mi'kmaq (L'nuk) hieroglyphics. In 2020, Kiskajeyi- I AM READY won the Canadian Indigenous Voices Award (IVAs) for Published Poetry (English category). Indigenous artist and writer, Michelle ... Read more


By Kate Marshall Flaherty

Radiant is a poetic exploration of one hopeful person's healing journey through cancer--from missed appointment, to mammogram, to diagnosis, to surgery, chemo, and radiation, through hysterectomy, genetic testing through to wholeness. Kate Marshall Flaherty's luminous poetry ... Read more

Wild Madder

By Brenda Leifso

Poems that stride bravely into the day-to-day, recovering the misdirected intensity at its core.


Brenda Leifso's Wild Madder is about way-finding--through those moments in which you no longer recognize where you are. It's about not knowing--who you are anymore, how to be in ... Read more

Vanishing Acts

By Moira MacDougall
Edited by John Glenday

There are times in one's life when the pain will not stop, when it seems everyone you love is hurting, and some are dying. Moira MacDougall's second collection of poetry, VANISHING ACTS, speaks to us from here, where she sits "in grief's debris. " An unflinching correspondent ... Read more

These Wings

By Kim Fahner
Edited by Monica Kidd

Sudbury poet Kim Fahner continues her lifelong look at the trees and birds and water of northern Ontario in her fifth poetry collection, THESE WINGS. From those who labour in the mining underworld to the vulnerable lives we construct above them, Fahner walks us to the thin place ... Read more