By (author): Tenille K. Campbell

Covering Indigenous adventures from Ontario?s Walpole Island to Northern Saskatchewan to the BC coast, #IndianLovePoems is a poetry collection that delves into the humour and truths of love and lust within Indigenous communities. Sharing stories in search of The One, or even better, the One-Night-Stand, or the opening of boundaries this collection fearlessly sheds light on the sharing and honesty that comes with discussions of men, women, sex, and relationships, using humour to explore the complexities of race, culture and intent within relationships.


Tenille K. Campbell

Tenille Campbell is a Dene/Métis author and photographer from English River First Nation in Northern Saskatchewan. She completed her MFA in Creative Writing at UBC and is currently starting her fourth year of PhD studies at the University of Saskatchewan, focusing on Indigenous Literature. She is the owner and artist behind sweetmoon photography, a successful photography business that specializes in photographing Indigenous people. She has published poetry in Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas (University of Arizona Press, Ed. Allison Hedge Coke), and photography in Urban Tribes: Native Americans in the City and Dreaming in Indian (Annick Press, Eds. Mary Beth Leatherdale and Lisa Charleyboy). Current creative projects include #KissingIndigenous, a photography series focusing on the act of intimacy within Indigenous couples. She is also the creator of tea&bannock, an online collective blog featuring the photographs and stories of Indigenous women photographers throughout Canada. Storytelling – be it with ink, voice or photographs – is the life for her.


“Are there sad or troubling or troublingly charged aspects of an honest book about sex, how one person (a very specific person, with an identity of interest) does it and imagines it and describes it? Yes, which is why [#IndianLovePoems] is good, because it is honest and unafraid; there is also its tactility, its debauchery, its wistfulness, and its sense of humour to recommend it.” — Andrew Dubois, University of Toronto Quarterly


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April 01, 2017


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