In Review: The Week of November 26th

This week we launched our holiday book recommendation tool, Just the Thing, for all your holiday-book-buying needs, read about the increased demand for Indigenous content in public libraries and the need for poets in script writing.


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, our book recommendation tool that pairs books with every gift from concert tickets to bath products, kicked off with books to go with those concert tickets, mugs & hot drinks, libations & eats, artisanal & DIY gifts + luxury goods!

Around the Web

~ Public libraries in Canada are noticing an increased demand for Indigenous reads and are putting in place approaches to increase their discoverability Quill & Quire.~ Hollywood flick The Kindergarten Teacher turned to poets to write lines for the script, proving poetry is not dead via The New York Times.~ Creators of the Hedonometer, an instrument for measuring happiness, can give a happiness score to a text based on its words via LitHub.  


What Else We’re Reading

Staffer Mandy thinks Melissa Bull’s debut short story collection The Knockoff Eclipse (Anvil Press) evokes a “kind of grim delight” that will “knock you off kilter.”