Just the Thing: Books to go with those libations & eats

November 28, 2018

Pair those tasty libations and eats with today's recommendations and cheese won't be the only thing your giftee will devour over the holidays.

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The Right Road to Pontypool  by Alex Poch-Goldin (J. Gordon Shillingford)

If the perfectly-paired-with-a-bottle-of-Kosher-wine is the Hannukah gift you’re after, look no further than Alex Poch-Goldin’s The Right Road to Pontypool. This drama set near the tiny Protestant town of Pontypool, Ontario—a summer getaway spot for Jewish
garment workers from Kensington Market for six decades—depicts the Jewish experience in Canada through the story of a pedlar named Moishe Yukle Bernstein.









Eaten Back to Life  by Jonah Campbell (Invisible Publishing)

Heralded as “an essay collection by the Philip K. Dick of chips,” Jonah Campbell’s Eaten Back to Life couldn’t be a tastier non-fic treat for the person on your list who’s got more #nomnomnom hashtags below their Instagram snaps than a food blogger on tour. In a series of essays and observations, Campbell explores eating, drinking, and the culture and philosophy of food in digestible bites that’ll appeal to those who enjoy food as pleasurable and intellectual sustenance. Package together with fancy cheese and a case of craft beer and your friend will be posting this to their Instagram in a snap.




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