In Review: The Week of November 20th

This week we hair-of-the-dogged our Giller bash hangover with a new cocktail and poetry pairing, got into the age-old debate about how to best organize a bookshelf, and cheered for more award winners.


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On the Blog

~ We chatted with Dr. Martina Scholtens about practising medicine versus being a writer and her book Your Heart Is the Size of Your Fist (Brindle & Glass).~ Our newest cocktail pairing goes well with a Jackson Pollock and Robin Dyke’s collection Lasting Leaving Left (Promontory Press).~ We were so struck by the cover art for Megan Gail Coles’ Squawk (Playwrights Canada Press) that we had to ask her about it.~ We agree with George Elliott Clarke about Rebecca Păpucaru’s debut The Panic Room (Nightwood Editions) being “supreme.”

Around the Web

~ Electric Lit hammed it up with these perfectly authentic hand turkeys by famous authors.~ Wherever you fall on the proper-way-to-organize-a-library debate, here are 11 different ways to arrange books.~ There were more award wins this week to keep our glasses filled: Jocelyn Parr’s Uncertain Weights and Measures (Goose Lane Editions) won the Concordia University First Book Prize, and Erin Robinsong’s Rag Cosmology(BookThug) won the A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry.

What Else We’re Reading

We went a little crazy cheering for Michelle Winters and Invisible Publishing at the Giller Light Bash earlier this week so we’re re-reading I Am A Truck to keep the celebration going a little longer.