Chappy Hour: A Jackson Pollock + Lasting Leaving Left

November 22, 2017

Among the poems of Robin Dyke's collection  Lasting Leaving Left (Promontory Press) that engage memory and purpose is "Mollusk Pollock" – a poetic tribute to the famed painter. ALU's resident mixologist Tan prepares a cocktail that echoes Pollock's splatter paintings, that you can enjoy while leafing through an excerpt of this inviting debut collection.

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This month’s selection, Lasting Leaving Left by Robin Dyke, comes from one of All Lit Up’s newest publishers, Promontory Press. I was particularly drawn to the final section of poems, each written to a late great persona. As a gin drinker, I couldn’t help by pair the Jackson Pollock cocktail with the poem written in his honour. Here’s how you can whip one up:


The Cocktail




The Book




Sip on a Jackson Pollock and become an action reader – check out the longer excerpt of  Lasting Leaving Left (clicking will commence a download of the .pdf), and if you like what you see, go buy the book?


* * *

Thanks to the folks at Promontory Press for sharing Lasting Leaving Left with us. For more Chappy Hour, click here.


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