In Review: The Week of May 27th

This week we wrapped up our short story month celebrations, got nostalgic about the city of Toronto, picked up some tips for writing while managing a pizzeria full time and found out what butterflies and book covers have in common.


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On the Blog

~We took a ton of inspiration from our Writer’s Block interview with Perparim Kapllani, author of The Thin Line (Mawenzi House), who shared his favourite books, authors, music and advice on how to find time to write when managing your own pizzeria full time.~Author John Delacourt joined us on the blog with a deep dive under the cover of his latest novel Butterfly (Linda Leith Publishing), sharing the artistic process behind the cover design and how its shattered-glass effect helps tell its story – one that sees the seedy side of the global arts scene collide with the world of politics and unexpected murder.~Our short story month celebrations concluded with Elise Levine’s This Wicked Tongue. Read a short story from the collection and check out our interview with Elise, who shared (what we think) is the perfect description of the power of the short story format with us: “I love how brevity can heighten poignancy by creating a sense of torque, of something sheared off. It creates an inherent dynamic, a sense of momentum set against the implications of what’s left out or unvoiced…”~Toronto was already top-of-mind with the Raptor’s hot streak continuing this week, so it made perfect sense that The Student, which, at its heart, is a story about the evolution of Toronto as a city from 1957 to 2000.

Around the Web

~The Twitterverse has spoken and what it has shared are some pretty fantastic Canadian tunes that re-imagine well-known pieces of literature.~As soon as spring hits, we finally start hearing those two words we wait all winter for: Beach Reads. But what really defines a good beach read?~Finding it hard to find time to read? Here are 7 fun strategies to get you back under the covers!

What Else We’re Reading

Christen read Domenica Martinello’s poetry collection All Day I Dream About Sirens (Coach House Books).