Excerpted: The Jellyfish by Boum

Quebec cartoonist Boum’s real-life experience with vision loss that left her blind in one eye is the basis for her graphic novel The Jellyfish (Pow Pow Press), translated by Robin Lang and Helge Dascher. In this tour-de-force of graphic storytelling, a hip twenty-something named Odette has a jellyfish in her eye—a blob that gets in the way of her vision, and increasingly the reader’s.

In this excerpt, we share a charming snippet of Odette’s world as her burgeoning crush on Naina deepens.


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Excerpt #1 fromThe Jellyfish

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Boum (Samantha Leriche-Gionet) was born in Montreal in 1985. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in animation, she has seen her short films travel around the world. Since 2011, Boum has dedicated her time to creating comics. Her many works include the award-winning graphic novel The Jellyfish and her long-running series Boumeries. She has a husband, two daughters, two cats, and a long to-do list.

Over the past fifteen years, Boum has suffered from a number of eye conditions. In March 2021, she became permanently blind in her right eye.

Thanks to Pow Pow Press for supplying the excerpts from The Jellyfish, available here on All Lit Up.