LGBTQ+ Stories

LGBTQ+ Stories
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Books for our LGBTQ+ community. View books in this list

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Any Other Way

Edited by Stephanie Chambers, Jane Farrow, Maureen FitzGerald, Ed Jackson, John Lorinc, Tim McCaskell, Rebecka Sheffield, Tatum Taylor, and Rahim Thawer

Toronto is home to multiple and thriving queer communities that reflect the dynamism of a global city. Any Other Way is an eclectic and richly illustrated local history that reveals how these individuals and community networks have transformed Toronto from a place of churches ... Read more

The Girls with Stone Faces

By Arleen Paré

A long poem memorializing the art and lives of sculptors Frances Loring and Florence Wyle. Arleen Paré, in her first book-length poem after her Governor General Literary Award–winning Lake of Two Mountains, turns her cool, benevolent eye to the shared lives of Florence Wyle ... Read more

Bottle Rocket Hearts

By Zoe Whittall

Welcome to ’90s Montreal. It’s been five years since the OKA crisis and the sex garage riots; the queers are rioting against assimilation, cocktail AIDS drugs are starting to work, and the city walls on either side of the Main are spray-painted with the words YES or NO. ... Read more


By R.W. Gray

Shortlisted for the 2010 DanutaGleed Award for ShortFiction!

Crisp confronts theunspeakable parts of memory, meditating on characters caught in isolation andstruggling to make sense of grief, disappointment, and the occasional dinnerparty gone wrong. Along the way, these characters ... Read more


By R.W. Gray

Winner of the 2016 Thomas RaddallAtlantic Fiction Award at the East Coast Literary Awards!
Shortlistedfor the Book Design Award at the 2016 Alberta Book PublishingAwards!
Shortlisted for the 2015 New Brunswick Book Awards!

Inthis collection of stories, author and filmmaker  R. ... Read more

Two-Spirit Acts

Edited by Jean O'Hara

In this collection of short but powerful two-spirit plays, characters dispel conventional notions of gender and sexuality while celebrating Indigenous understandings.  With a refreshing spin, the plays touch on topics of desire, identity, and community as they humorously tackle ... Read more

Steel Animals

By SK Dyment

Hilarity and queer magic realism twist the throttle when Jackie, a loner with a secret bank-robbing persona, meets Vespa: sexy, sculpture-welding artist and collector of vintage motorbikes. Still planning elaborate revenge on a New York ex-lover, Jackie tests both her new relationship ... Read more

First Gear

By Lorrie Jorgensen

First Gear: A Motorcycle Memoir is a compelling story of childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse that unrolls as the author, at age 50 and living with Multiple Sclerosis, rides her 2009 Harley-Davidson — named Thelma D. — from Ottawa to Winnipeg and back with a stop ... Read more

A Generous Spirit: Selected Work by Beth Brant

Edited by Janice Gould

A Generous Spirit: Selected Work by Beth Brant collects the writing of Beth Brant, Mohawk lesbian poet, essayist, and activist. During her life, Brant’s work gave voice to an often unacknowledged Two-Spirit identity, and today, her words represent continued strength, growth, ... Read more

In Search of Pure Lust

By Lise Weil

In Search of Pure Lust documents an important chapter in lesbian history that is already being distorted and erased, a time when lesbians were reinventing everything from the ground up. Along with violence against women around the globe, lesbians of the 1970s and ’80s were ... Read more