By (author): Sarah Berthiaume

Translated by: Nadine Desrochers

Garin was two years old when his mother disappeared from a rundown East Vancouver neighbourhood. Now that the Robert Pickton trials are gaining national attention, Garin wonders if his mother, a First Nations woman, could be one of the unidentified victims. His ailing father isn’t forthcoming with answers, and Garin’s suspicions are at an all-time high. In the midst of all this, his roommate Yuko has taken in Kate, a young pregnant hitchhiker who unintentionally wreaks havoc on their friendship. But when Garin’s father is hospitalized, nothing else matters but finally determining the truth about his mother. In this deftly written play, the characters grapple with the harsh Yukon winter within a world of racism, addiction, and loneliness.


Sarah Berthiaume

Sarah Berthiaume is an actor and author. Her first play, The Flood Thereafter, won the Égregore prize in 2006. Some of her other works include Disparitions, Villes Mortes, and Les Orphelins de Madrid. She is the co-founder of Abat-Jour Théâtre, and a writer for Télé-Québec’s show, Tactik.


Nadine Desrochers

Nadine Desrochers is a literary translator and an assistant professor at the Université de Montréal’s school of library and information science. She holds a Ph.D. in French Literature from the University of Ottawa and an MLIS from Western University.


“Using metaphor and magic realism, Berthiaume aims to get to the heart of her characters, their needs and the emotional realities they don’t want to face or utter.” —Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine
“As a fan of both Berthiaume and exquisite language, it’s hard not to recommend Yukonstyle.” —Joel Fishbane, The Charlebois Post


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96 Pages
7.60in * 5.10in * .40in


November 01, 2014



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DRAMA / Canadian



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