White Biting Dog and Other Plays

This book collects some of Judith Thompson’s earlier, hard- to-find plays, including White Biting Dog, a poetic black comedy about a divorced lawyer who prepares to kill himself by jumping off the Bloor Street Viaduct, until he encounters a small dog who sets him on a different path; I Am Yours, a harrowing story about a group of characters on the brink of despair as each tries to escape what haunts them the most; and Pink, a moving monologue set in 1970s South Africa that centres on a young girl’s surprising reaction after her nanny is murdered during a protest.


“[In White Biting Dog] Thompson has crafted each line with precision, and all the characters speak with their own rhythm.” —Debbie Fein-Goldbach, NOW Magazine
“Judith Thompson’s White Biting Dog… is orgiastic and poetic in its use of language, excessive in its theatricality, and achieves its power by an accretion of extraordinary images.” —Carole Corbeil, Globe and Mail


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October 25, 2014



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