Untold Tales of Old British Columbia

By (author): Daniel Marshall

A collection of fascinating stories of the extraordinary and astonishing in BC’s history. Daniel Marshall uncovers the stories of BC you’ve never heard.

The award-winning Marshall captivates readers with intriguing and unknown stories, everything from Indigenous rights to Native gold; political intrigue to daring feats; the remarkable, mysterious traveller Harry (Harriet) Collins; the forgotten origin of Canada’s oldest Chinatown; mysterious artifacts and confounding tales of the obscure and mysterious.

Rigorously researched with interpretations that offer inclusive narratives while exploring surprising tales of great adventure.


Daniel Marshall

DANIEL MARSHALL is a fifth-generation British Columbian whose Cornish ancestors arrived in the Pacific province in 1858, the year of the Fraser River gold rush. As host of Canyon War: The Untold Story, televised on Knowledge Network, APTN and PBS, the author was subsequently Chief Curator for the Royal BC Museum’s successful “Gold Rush: El Dorado in British Columbia Exhibit” in 2015. He makes his home in Victoria, B.C.


“Riveting! Daniel Marshall, a master storyteller and an award-winning historian, spent years travelling the remote trails of BC’s history in search of stories. Some will make you laugh; some will make you cry; and some will make you angry. Guaranteed that when you start reading you won’t quit and you will emerge with a new, and often unsettling, view of this place known today as British Columbia.'” – Wendy Wickwire, author of the multi-award-wining At the Bridge: James Teit and an Anthropology of Belonging

“A collection of true stories written by a serious historian who also happens to be a gifted storyteller. The British Columbia that emerges in these pages is revealed in vivid accounts of the most dramatic moments in B.C.’s history and forgotten moments that made all the difference in the world. Read this book and you will never think about British Columbia the same way again.” – Terry Glavin, journalist, award-winning author and National Post columnist

“A generous, accessible, intimate, and strikingly original collection of topical and informative vignettes. Marshall writes with respect, clarity, and authority. Required reading for anyone interested in where we came from – and where we are going.” – Richard Mackie, publisher, The British Columbia Review

“Daniel Marshall possesses some sort of literary magic he uses to bring us back to the early days of our province and explain how and why the most seldom-told stories from the time are still relevant and important in the present day. Everyone in B.C. should read this book.” – Bob Kronbauer, BC journalist, storyteller and founder of Vancouver Is Awesome


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April 26, 2024


Ronsdale Press





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