Uncharted Waters

By (author): Jim McDowell

Jim McDowell’s new biography of the little-known Spanish explorer José María Narváez, reveals his significant discoveries during the European exploration of what is now Canada’s Pacific Northwest Coast. Narváez was the first European to investigate a Russian fur-trading outpost in the Gulf of Alaska in 1788. The following year he became the first Spaniard to reconnoitre Juan de Fuca Strait. In 1791, he charted the interiors of three large inlets on Vancouver Island’s west coast, discovered a vast inland sea to the east (today’s Salish Sea), mapped the entire gulf, located two prospective entrances to the fabled Northwest Passage, made first contact with Aboriginal peoples, and found the site of what became western Canada’s largest city – Vancouver, British Columbia. Narvaez also undertook diplomatic missions around the Pacific Ocean, charted the waters of the Philippines, and engaged in the political upheaval that transformed New Spain into México between 1796 and his death in 1840.


Jim McDowell

Jim McDowell is a veteran British Columbia historian. His first career was teaching, which took him into classrooms from northern California to Seattle, New York City, and Vancouver. He taught elementary school in California and Washington, worked as an inner-city education consultant in Harlem and Brooklyn, and educated teachers at Simon Fraser University. McDowell also worked for 20 years as a freelance writer and independent reporter; he wrote hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles for Canadian and U.S. publications.


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November 15, 2015


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